The Manage Categories screen contains an interface that displays the following information and functions for each Category or Sub-category:

  • Disabled Categories: List of Categories that are saved in Cloud but not available for use. You can toggle displaying disabled Categories on and off by checking or clearing the Show Disabled Categories checkbox at the bottom left of the screen. Disabled Categories appear grayed out.
  • Enabled Categories: List of Categories that are ready and available for use by Agents (see Starting a New Connection and Path/Article - opens a new article). Enabled Categories are not grayed out.

For each Category, Cloud displays the following:

  • Icon: Image file for each Category.
  • Name: Name of the Category.
  • Expand/Collapse Sub-categories: If a Category has one or more Sub-categories under it, then clicking the arrow next to the Category toggles displaying them on and off.

You can organize the Categories by clicking and dragging them.

From left to right, the buttons at the top of this screen are:

  • Add New: Clicking this button (plus sign) opens the New Category popup, which allows you to create a new Category or Sub-category. See Creating a new Category or Sub-category.
  • Undo: Undoes your previous action.
  • Expand All: Expands all Categories and Sub-categories.
  • Collapse All: Collapses all Categories and Sub-categories.