The Content Designer screen for a selected Guided Path/Support Article appears when you:

  • Click the Add New button in the Manage Content screen. See Adding a Path/Article (opens a new article).


  • Click the Open icon (document) for a Path in the Manage Paths screen. See Editing a Path/Article (opens a new article).



This screen contains the following information and functions:

  • Content Information: This section contains the Name, Version, Endpoints, and Status for the Guided Path/Support Article.
    • Click the Version link to open the Revision History popup for the current Guided Path/Support Article. See Managing Content Versions (opens a new article).


  • Click Path Details to expand the Guided Path Details section, which allows you to edit the Guided Path/Support Article name and other basic properties. See Content Details Section.


  • Step Library: This is the complete list of all Steps available for use in creating Guided Paths/Support Articles. Click Add Step to access the Step Library.


The Step Library appears on the left side of the Visual Content Designer Screen. Use the scroll bar on the right side to view additional Steps in the library. 


To insert a Step, click and drag the Step from the Step Library over into the Visual Content Designer area on the right side of the screen. This area is used to organize Steps. See Visual Content Designer.


  • Create New Step: Click the Create New button to create a new Step. See Step Screen (opens a new article).


  • Decision Points: Decisions are used to direct Agents through a Guided Path based on how they answer a question. For example, you can ask a question such as "Does the drive have a USB or Ethernet connection?" The Agent selects the correct answer and is directed to the Step with the corresponding directions. See Decision Points. Note: This option is not available for Support Articles.

To access Decision Points, click the Decision tab at the top of the Visual Content Designer screen within a selected Step. 


  • General Functions: The upper right corner of the Visual Content Designer screen contains a set of buttons that allow you to publish/unpublish or save the current Guided Path/Support Article. You can also exit the screen without making changes to the Step within Visual Content Designer. See  Saving Your Work.