Click Path Details at the top left of the Visual Content Designer screen to expand the Content Details section for that Guided Path/Support Article. 


The Guided Path Details popup appears. This popup allows you to edit some or all of the following:

  • Name of the Guided Path/Support Article. To rename the Guided Path/Support Article, enter the new name in this field (required).
  • Description of the Guided Path/Support Article. 
  • Keywords for this Guided Path/Support Article appear as Tags. Tags help agents find Guided Paths/Support Articles quicker, especially if your company has many to choose from. If you add a tag by mistake, click the Remove icon (X) to remove it.
  • Categories that the Guided Path/Support Article is assigned to, if any. If you add a Category by mistake, click the Remove icon (X) to remove it.
Guided Path Details.png