To create a new Step:

Click the Create New button at the top left of the Visual Designer Content screen in the Step Library.


The Create Step popup appears for the new Step.


Enter a name for the Step in the Name field. This field is required. Note: Cloud allows duplicate Step names.

  • Select the type of content to add to this Step using the Type pull-down menu. Available options are:
    • External Content: You will be able to link directly to external content.
    • Windows® Actions (tools and shortcuts): For Windows computers only, you will be able to add a Windows tool or shortcut.
  • Enter a description in the Step Description field (optional).
  • Enter one or more keyword tag(s) separated by commas in the Tags field (optional).
  • Click the green OK button when finished.

The Visual Content Designer screen displays the newly created Step. From here, edit the Step and add any needed Decision Points.