Decision Points can only be added to Guided Paths; they cannot be added to Support Articles. Once Steps have been added to a Guided Path, Decision points can be added. To add or edit a Decision Point:

Click the Decision button at the top of the Visual Content Designer screen. 


Click the Add Question button to add a new Question box to the Guided Path flow. 


Enter the question text and provide at least two possible answers. Click the Add Answer button if additional answers are needed. 


If needed, repeat the steps above to add additional questions and/or answers. 

Click and drag the Questions and insert them into the Guided Path. 

The blue connectors between Steps, questions, and answers indicate how Agents navigate the Path during a session. You can:

  • Click a connector and then press [DEL] to delete it.
  • Click the beginning or ending of a connector and move it to a different point in the flow to rearrange the Steps.
  • Click a connection point on a Step, question, or answer, to create a connector leading toward or away from that item. You can only create connector from any Step to another Step. If you need more than one option for navigating from Step to Step, then you must add a Decision Point as described here.

 Answers cannot be orphaned, which means they must connect to additional Steps and ultimately the END of the Step flow. 


The following additional functions are available when working with Decisions:

  • Undo: Undoes the most recent action. You can also press [CTRL]+[Z].
  • Redo: Redoes an undone action. You can also press [CTRL]+[Y].
  • Delete: Deletes the selected item. You can also select an item and then press [DEL].
  • Discard: Exits the Decision Points popup without saving your changes.
  • Done: Saves your changes and then exits the Decision tab.