Cloud auto-saves your work as you go in order to prevent accidental data loss. In addition, some or all of the following functions are available at the top right of the Content Designer screen:


Save: Clicking this button saves the current version of the Path/Article.
Save As: Clicking this button allows you to save your work as a new Guided Path/Support Article.

Note: The Save As function saves a copy of the original Guided Path/Support Article, which includes the Steps from the original Guided Path/Support Article. You may add, remove, and/or reorganize the Steps in either Guided Path/Support Article without affecting the other Guided Path/Support Article. Modifying a Step itself (see Editing a Step) will affect all of the Guided Paths/Support Articles that use that Step. If you need multiple versions of a Step for different Paths/Articles, then you will need to create a new Step for every needed version.

  • Save As New Path: Click this button to open the Save as New Path popup, which allows you to save the current Path/Article as a new Guided Path/Support Article. Enter the name of the new Path/Article in the field and then click OK to save the new Path.
  • Save as New Version: Click this button to open the Save Revisions popup. Enter any comments in the field, and then click OK to save your current work to a new version of the Guided Path/Support Article. Saving a version of a Guided Path/Support Article without publishing it means that users with the Content Designer role (see Roles - opens a new article) can access and test the Guided Path/Support Article, but it is not available for Agents to use while assisting consumers. 
  • Publish: Click this button to publish the Guided Path/Support Article, which makes it live and available for Agents to use while assisting consumers. It also increments the Guided Path/Support Article to the next whole version (x.0).
  • Exit: Click this button to exit without saving changes.