Cloud includes the following session metrics:

  • Handle Time: Amount of time spent working on a session. To accumulate Handle Time:
    • The user must be assigned to the session.

    • The user must be viewing that particular session. For example, if you are viewing multiple open sessions at once, then Cloud only counts handle time for the tab that is currently open. Handle time counts as long as the browser is open, meaning that you will still be accruing handle time if you minimize the browser to open another application. This happens because Cloud has no way to know whether the browser is open or minimized.

    • The session Status must be Open.
  • View Time: Amount of time spent on a session that does not qualify as Handle Time. View Time accumulates when either:
    • The user is not assigned to the session, or
      o The session Status is set to Closed.
  • Notes: Total number of notes that all users have added to a session.
  • Attachments: Total number of attachments that all users have uploaded to a session.