This is typically used only for Guided Paths. To connect to a consumer’s device:

  1. Create or open a session by doing one of the following:
  • Creating a new session for a new consumer (see Creating a New Consumer).
  • Creating a new session for an existing consumer (see Working with an Existing Consumer).
  • Accessing an existing session (see Existing Session Screen and Viewing Your Open Sessions).
  1. Either select a Category and Path (see Start a New Remote Connection and Path) or click a Path name in the Recently Used section. A warning appears if the selected Path requires a connection to a consumer device.
  1. Either click the Start Path button to start the selected Path or click the Start Remote Connection button to connect to a consumer device directly without selecting a Path.
  1. Guide the consumer through connecting their device to the session. Please see the following for device-specific instructions:
  • Windows: See Windows®.
  • Mac®: See Mac.
  • iOS: See iOS. Screen sharing automatically begins when you connect to an iOS device.
  • Android®: See Android.

The Session screen switches to the Remote View, which guides you through interacting with the consumer’s device to complete the Path, and® Cloud automatically begins screen sharing and remote control. See Remote View.