This section provides generic instructions for connecting to a Windows computer. Please click the Connection Guide link in the Windows endpoint tab to see detailed instructions for various combinations of Windows and browser versions. To connect to a Windows device:

  1. Use the Select Connection Page pull-down menu to select the appropriate page from which to begin the connection, and then either direct the consumer to the link in the Connection Instructions, or email them the link by clicking the Email button (envelope). If needed, you may edit the email address in the field before clicking the Email button.
  1. The consumer launches their web browser and then points it to the directed address.
  1. The consumer:
  • Enters the Connection Code supplied by the Agent. Note: This is not needed if you email the link to the consumer and the consumer clicks that link.
  • Checks the Authorization checkbox.
  • Clicks the Connect button.
  1. The consumer either runs the connect_nnnnnn executable directly within their browser or downloads the file and then runs it. Cloud:

  • Installs on the computer.
  • Begins the session.
  • Automatically begins screen sharing and remote control.

The consumer sees the interface described in Consumer Experience.

Please see Remote View (opens a new article) for more information about remote connections to Windows computers.