To connect to an Android device:

  1. Direct the consumer to download and install the Connect app on their device. They may browse for this app in the Google Play Store, or you may either email them the link by clicking the Email button (envelope) or SMS them the link by clicking the SMS button. If needed, you may edit the email address in the field before clicking the Email button and/or edit the phone number before clicking the SMS button.
  1. The consumer installs and launches the Connect app.
  1. The consumer accepts the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  1. The consumer:
  • Enters the Connection Code supplied by the Agent.
  • Checks the Authorization checkbox.
  • Clicks the Connect button. Cloud:

  • Connects to the Android device.
  • Begins the session.
  • Automatically begins screen sharing and remote control.
The consumer sees the interface described in Consumer Experience.

Please see Remote View for more information about remote connections to iOS devices.