You may have an unlimited number of Session tabs open at any one time. Hovering the mouse over the tab for a session opens a pop-up with the consumer’s first name, last name, and email address.

Each session ID appears as a separate tab to the right of the following Navigator tabs:
  • NEW SESSION: See New Session Screen.
  • EXISTING SESSION:  See Existing Session Screen.
  • MY OPEN SESSIONS: See Viewing Your Open Sessions.
  • ACTIVITY MONITOR: See Using the Activity Monitor.
If either of the following situations apply, then the new session will appear in your current browser tab/window with an orange exclamation point icon to help you quickly spot that session:
  • You created a session from your existing CRM application (via the Cloud API).
  • An existing session has been assigned to you by another Agent or Supervisor.

An orange Chat icon appears in a tab if the consumer connected to that session sends a chat message.

Selecting an open session displays a timer that shows how long the session has been open, in HH:MM:SS format.