Clicking the Activity icon in the Session Info section opens the Session Activity popup.

This popup displays a complete transcript of all of the activity that took place during the session, including specific Agent or consumer actions, chat messages, file transfers, URLs, and recordings that you can open in either the popup or a separate browser tab by clicking the appropriate link. This popup also has the following functions:

  • Date/Time: Clicking the Date/Time icon (arrows) sorts the activity log in either chronological (earliest events at top) or reverse chronological (most recent events at top) order.
  • Filter: Clicking the Filter icon (funnel) opens a popup that allows you to filter the list of activities by type. To include an activity type in the list, check the appropriate checkbox. To exclude an activity type from the list, clear the appropriate checkbox. The available options are:
    • Agent notes: Notes entered by the Agent.
    • System events: System-generated events, such as file transfers, configuration changes, etc.
    • Surveys: Consumer surveys.
    • Attachments: File attachments.
    • Chat transcript: Complete transcript of all Agent- and consumer-generated chat messages.
    • User: Events triggered by the selected Agent, along with the Agent’s email address.
    • Remote Recordings: Recordings of the consumer's screen and/or SeeSupport.
    • System: Events triggered by Cloud.