To edit an existing consumer:

  1. Click Consumer in the Session screen (see Session Info).

    The Edit Consumer popup appears.

  1. Edit some or all of the following, as appropriate:
  • Email: Email address of the consumer (required)
  • External Consumer ID: Consumer-specific ID that will be entered in your CRM application. If this custom field is enabled as described in Enabling/Disabling a Custom Field (opens a new article), enter the appropriate information in this field, being sure to use the proper format. This field may have a different name and/or accepted data format, and may also be required, depending on the unique settings for your company. Please contact your Cloud Administrator for assistance, if needed.
  • First Name: First name of the consumer (required).
  • Last Name: Last name of the consumer (required).
  • Phone 1: Primary phone number of the consumer (required).
  • Phone 2: Secondary phone number of the consumer.
  • Custom fields may also appear if enabled by an Administrator.
  1. Click Save. Cloud will:

  • Update consumer information.
  • Close the popup.
  • Return you to Session screen.