The Manage Steps screen contains a table that displays the following information and functions for each Step:

  • View: Clicking the View icon (eye) for a Step opens the Step screen, which provides a read-only view of the selected Step.

  • Quick Edit: Clicking the Quick Edit icon (lightning bolt) for a Step opens the Step screen for that Step (see Quick-Editing a Step).

Note: Unlike Guided Paths/Support Articles, Cloud does not maintain a version history for Steps. Editing a Step directly changes that Step for all Guided Paths/Support Articles that currently use that Step or that will use that Step in the future.

  • Delete: Clicking the Delete icon (trash can) for a Step deletes that Step from Cloud (see Deleting a Step).
  • Name: Name of the Step.
  • Description: Brief description of the Step.
  • Endpoint: Type of device(s) to which the Step applies (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, Android, or iOS). See Endpoints (opens a new article).
  • Tags: Any keyword tag(s) assigned to the Step.
  • Last Modified: Date, time, and Designer who last modified the Step.
  • Paths that use this Step: Name(s) of the Guided Path(s) and/or Support Article(s) that use this Step, if any.