Clicking the Find/Replace button in the WYSIWYG Toolbar opens the Find and replace popup, which allows you to search for and replace text.


To use this popup:

  1. Enter the text you want to find in the Find box. By default, this will search for full and partial words regardless of case. To modify this:
  • Check the Match case checkbox to make the search case sensitive.
  • Check the Whole words checkbox to ignore partial words with matching text.
  1. Enter the text you want to insert in place of the old text in the Replace with field.
  1. Find and/or replace the text as follows:
  • Find: Finds the next instance of the text.
  • Replace: Replaces the currently selected instance of the text.
  • Replace All: Replaces all instances of the text on the page with the desired replacement text.
  • Prev: Returns to the previous search match without replacing text.
  • Next: Proceeds to the next search match without replacing text.