To add or edit an external content Step:

  1. Either create a new Step (see Creating a New Step; opens a new article) or select a Step to edit (see Editing a Step; opens a new article). If you are creating a new Step, select External Content using the Type pull-down menu in the Create Step popup.
  1. Enter the complete URL of the page you want to embed in the Step in the URL field. This must begin with https://.
  1. If the site being accessed requires a log-in, then the Intranet site checkbox must be checked.

  2. Click the Preview button to verify that you have selected the correct page. if necessary, you may click the Edit button and edit the URL.

  1. Save the Step as described in Saving Your Work (opens a new article).

External content Steps can load web content with variables URLs using macro substitution. For example, an Agent may need to access https://www.<myCRM>.com/<consumerID>/, where <myCRM> is the CRM system that you want to embed and <consumerID> is the particular consumer that you want to display to the Agent. You can treat the <consumerID> field as a variable that can be populated from any field within the session. You can also embed Web content that requires the Agent to login using automated authentication. Click here for more information (opens a new site in a different browser tab/window).