To add a new Calling Card to Cloud:

  1. In the Calling Card section of the screen, click the green Add New button at the top right of the table.

    The Calling Card Details screen appears for the new Calling Card.

  1. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:
  • Name: Enter a name for the Calling Card (required).
  • Calling Card URL: Enter the URL to which the Calling Card will direct consumers (required).
  • Shortcut Text: Enter any desired text that will contain the hyperlink that the customer will click to access the Calling Card URL.
  • Browser Shortcut Icon: You may either enter a complete path to an icon (.ico) file or click the Upload icon (paperclip) to open a standard File Upload dialog box that allows you to navigate to and select a file to upload.
  1. Click Save. Cloud will do the following:

  • Add the new Calling Card.
  • Make the Calling Card available to Agents for distribution to consumers.