The General section of the Manage Configurations screen allows you to specify a custom connection URL, set the time zone for® Cloud analytics reporting, and enable/disable/customize surveys.

Analytics Time Zone

To change the time zone used by Cloud for analytics reporting:

  1. Use the Analytics Timezone pull-down menu to select the timezone to use.
  1. Click the green Update button.


To manage how Cloud handles surveys:

  • Enable/disable Survey capability for their tenant by clicking the switch next to the Survey field to toggle surveys On or Off.
  • Configure a custom Survey URL (instead of the standard URL provided). Agents can then push this custom URL to the consumer using the normal Push Survey button..

Remote Control

Clicking the Remote Control switch toggles the ability for Agents to remotely connect to consumer (Windows, Mac, Android & iOS) devices On or Off. This includes the ability for agents to utilize SeeSupport.


Note Taking

Clicking the Note Taking switch toggles the ability for Agents to enter ANY free-form text On or Off. This includes note-taking and providing content feedback during a session.