The Ribbon appears at the top of all Analytics screens:

From left to right, the buttons in the Ribbon are:

  • Clear: Clicking this button clears any currently selected filter(s). This is the same as clicking the Clear icon (eraser) in the Current Selections area of the Filters. See Filters.
  • Back: Returns you to your previously-selected filter(s) in a manner similar to a browser Back button.
  • Forward: Moves you forward to your next set of selected filter(s) in a manner similar to a browser Forward button.
  • Lock: Clicking the Lock icon (locked padlock) maintains your currently-selected filter(s) as you move through the various dashboard and/or reports within Cloud.
  • Unlock: Clicking the Unlock icon (open padlock) unlocks your currently-selected filter(s). Your currently-selected filter(s) will be cleared when you access the next dashboard or report.
  • Show/Hide Notes: Clicking the Notes icon (pad and pencil) toggles the Notes popup on and off. See Notes.
  • Add Bookmark: Clicking the Add Bookmark icon (star with a plus sign) opens the Add Bookmark popup, which allows you to save your currently-selected filter(s) as a bookmark that you can return to later using the Select Bookmark pull-down menu. Cloud saves bookmarks on a per-user basis, meaning that every user with Analytics privileges (see Roles) can save their own bookmarks. You can also share bookmarks with other Analytics users. See Adding a Bookmark.
  • Remove Bookmark: Selecting a bookmark using the Select Bookmark pull-down menu (see below) and then clicking the Remove Bookmark icon (star with a minus sign) removes the selected bookmark. A confirmation dialog appears asking you to confirm the removal. If no bookmark is selected, then the confirmation dialog includes a pull-down menu that allows you to choose the bookmark to remove.
  • Select Bookmark: This pull-down menu allows you to access your saved bookmark(s), if any. You can also access saved bookmarks that have been created by other users (see Sharing a Bookmark)
  • Share Session: Clicking the Share Session icon (message forwarding) allows you to share your current Cloud Analytics session with one or more coworkers who also have Analytics privileges within Cloud. See Collaboration.
  • More: This pull-down menu allows you to access the Mail with Bookmark as a Link option.
  • Mail with Bookmark as a Link: Selecting this option in the More pull-down menu allows you to email a hyperlink to your currently-selected bookmark to another user who also has Analytics privileges in Cloud. The user can click this link to view the bookmark.