Each filter includes two or more of the following icons, which allow you to perform various functions within that specific filter (unlike the Ribbon functions, which affect all filters). From left to right, these icons are:

  • Cycle: Clicking the Cycle icon (round arrow) allows you to quickly cycle through multiple fields related to that item. For example, clicking this icon for the Agent filter toggles the view between Agents and Teams.
  • Search: Clicking the Search icon (magnifying glass) in a filter opens a Search box that allows you to enter one or more search term(s) in order to search for values within that filter. This function is useful if you can’t find the value you’re looking for or just don’t want to scroll through a long list of values. To use the search function, enter your desired term(s). The results filter automatically as you type.
  • Clear: Clicking the Clear icon (eraser) clears your selection(s) for the current filter.
  • Lock/Unlock: Clicking the Lock icon (light gray padlock) locks the current filter. Locking a filter retains your selection(s) for that filter as you navigate the various Support.com Cloud dashboards/reports. Clicking the Unlock icon (dark gray padlock) removes the lock.