Clicking the Notes icon in the Ribbon opens the Notes window, which allows you to view and comment on saved notes.

This window contains the following functions:

  • Notes: Use this pull-down window to either:
    • Select a note for detailed viewing (see Viewing Note Details).
    • Select All Notes to view a summary of all saved notes.
  • View icons: You may select a list or expanded view of the selected note(s) by clicking the appropriate icon to the right of the Notes menu.
  • Scroll up: Clicking the Scroll Up button (up arrow) scrolls you up the list of notes.
  • Notes: The center of the Notes window contains the selected note(s). Clicking a note opens the detailed view for that note and allows you to comment on that note (see Comments).
  • Scroll Down: Clicking the Scroll Down button (down arrow) scrolls you down the list of notes.
  • Close: Clicking the Close icon (X) at the top right of the Notes window closes the window.