You may add or edit comments for a saved note. To do this:

  1. Open the Notes window (see Viewing Notes) and then select the note you want to edit.

    The Notes window displays the note and any comment(s) attached to that note.

  1. Select whether you want to add a new comment or edit an existing comment.
  • To add a new comment, click the Add Comment button at the bottom of the Notes window.
  • To edit an existing comment, select Edit in the Comment pull-down menu (see Viewing Notes).
  1. The Add/Edit Comment dialog appears at the bottom of the Notes window. If you are editing an existing comment, then the current information in that comment will appear here.

  1. Add or edit information as appropriate. You may:
  • Add a snapshot or remove an existing snapshot.
  • Add or edit comment text.
  1. Click Done when you have finished adding or editing your comment to save your changes and return to the detailed note view.