You use Access Control to create a whitelist of IP addresses that you trust to access Cloud. Agents and Supervisors using an IP address that does not appear on this list will not be able to log in (this setting does not affect Administrators.)

On the Admin Tab, hover over the Integration tab and select "Access Control" to reach the Configure Access Control Screen.

Click the green "+ Add New" button to reach the Configuration Access Control page for a new IP.

Click the "Show" drop-down box to change the number of displayed entries.

Click the Trash Can icon to delete an IP.

Click the Pencil Icon to reach the Configuration Details page for an existing IP.

Click the Circled Up Arrow icon to enable an IP.

Click the Slashed Circle icon to disable an IP.

Type in the Search Box to Search existing IP.

Configuring Access Control

You use the Configure Access Control screen to add entries to the Access Control whitelist. IPs, IP Ranges, or CIDR formats can all be entered onto the whitelist.

Clicking the "+Add New" button or the Pencil icon on an existing IP reaches the Configure Access Control Page.

Type an IP name into the Name box.

Click the IP Format drop-down to select the IP format. Choosing an IP format will allow the IP Address box to appear.

Type the IP Address into the IP Address box.