A Guided Path App is a Web Application that exposes a (JSON) catalog of HTTPS content. Each item of content can be used as a step in a Guided Path. The Guided Path App content has access to a Support.com Cloud javascript library which provides services that the Guided Path App can use for styling (CSS), security, and access to the support session context.

Most commonly, a Guided Path App will serve as an adapter to a third-party system by defining the catalog of resources that can be added as steps to a Guided Path.

On the Admin Tab, hover over the Integration tab and select Guided Path Apps to reach the Configure Guided Path Apps Screen.

Click the green "+ Add New" button to reach the Configure Guided Path App page for a new Guided Path App.

Click the "Show" drop-down box to change the number of displayed entries.

Click the Trash Can icon to delete a Guided Path App.

Click the Pencil Icon to reach the Configure Guided Path App page for an existing Guided Path App.

Type in the Search Box to Search existing Guided Path Apps.

This Name field uniquely identifies the Guided Path App.


The Catalog URL field renders the catalog of content.


Check the Enabled box to make the catalog available for Guided Path authoring.


Select the Request Method for the Catalog URL by choosing the GET or the POST option. The POST option allows additional data (JSON format) to be posted when rendering the catalog.

Details regarding Configuring Guided Path Apps and the Configure Guided Path App page can be found in the Developer Documentation. Click here.