Setting up an Event Subscription configuration provides real time event notifications to an external application.

Events Endpoint URL: This is the URL to the external application that will receive subscribed event notifications.

Endpoint Headers: Optional additional information that can be passed in the header.

Select the event(s) that you want this Access Point to subscribe to by checking the checkbox next to the desired event. Checking a checkbox means that Cloud will forward a notification with summary information to the Events Endpoint URL whenever an event of that type occurs, and the external application can then request detailed information about that event by making an API call, allowing for robust analytics opportunities as well as other business uses. The available event types are:  

  • Attachment Add: A file has been attached to a Session in the Activity Log.
  • Attachment Delete: An Agent has manually deleted an Attachment via the Activity Log.
  • Comment Add: A Comment has been attached to a Session.
  • Session Create: A new session has been created in Cloud.  
  • Session Open: The status of an existing Cloud session has been set to Open.  
  • Session Assign: An existing Cloud session has been assigned to another agent.  
  • Session Update: The information stored in Cloud for a session has changed.  :
  • Session Close: The status of an existing Cloud session has been set to Closed.  
  • Recording Link: The recording of the session is now available to view.
  • Device Connect: A device has established a remote connection to Cloud.  
  • Device Disconnect: A remotely connected device has disconnected from Cloud.  
  • Path Start: An agent has started working on a Path with a customer.  
  • Path End: An agent has finished working on a Path with a customer.  
  • Path Abort: An agent has stopped working on a Path before completing the Path.  
  • Chat Start: Consumer chat started.  
  • Chat End: Consumer chat ended.
  • Content Email: An Agent has used Shareable Content to share a step with a Consumer. 

Once you selected the event type(s) your application will receive, click the + icon next to the selected event type(s) to open a view of the format of the JSON object that the external application will receive.

More detailed information regarding Event Subscription can be found in the Developer documentation. Click here.