Release Notes for 5/9/2018 (71/72/73)

Admin: Improvement to Guided Path/Support Article Import and Export

The Import/Export tool for Guided Paths and Support Articles has received additional enhancements and options, giving status during the Import/Export process and allowing selection of published or unpublished content.

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Remote Control: Session Recording Policy Reminder

All Remote Control session recordings before February 2nd, 2017 have either been deleted with the tenant's permission or have been archived. Our policy is to retain recordings for only three months, so these recordings were well beyond our policy boundaries. If you do have a need for one of these earlier recordings, please contact Customer Success to make arrangments. 

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SeeSupport: Improved Image Quality

Images created in SeeSupport with the Get Image tool will have a minimum resolution of 1024x768, increasing the usability of archived images. This enhanced resolution requires a new version of the Connect application, which was released on April 16 for both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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SeeSupport: Annotated Image Archival

SeeSupport now automatically saves annotated images created by the Agent, whether by annotating a paused image, or annotating a high-resolution image generated with the Get Image tool. These files will start with the name "Captured" or "Annotated."  The image that is brought down is the high-resolution image if the user clicks on the download button before annotating else it will be a lower-resolution image. Both of these images can be seen in the activity log. 

Self-Support: Additional CSS control for Self-Support Configuration

Self-Support now has a dedicated CSS area for Configuration, simplifying the process of customizing your Self-Support instance. A tenant-specific CSS setting can now be applied to SelfSupport content. The area is called Step Content Themes Customization, in Self-Support Branding/Self Service Configuration.

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