Release Notes for 8/30/2018 (76)

Admin: New Product Support Process and Supporting Document

Due to large volume of unsolicited bulk email, will be phased out as a support channel on 9/3. A refreshed document is available on to assist you in finding the best way to reach the Support team; these routes will require that you log into the support portal. Visit the Accessing Product Support page to see an exhaustive list of communication channels, and directions that take you through the support ticket process step-by-step. Note that Users will need to have a login to access support. More communication on the 9/3 ending date will come in the weeks leading up to this change.

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Designer: Manage Content Screen Improvements

A variety of improvements have been made to the Manage Content screen to help manage large content libraries more effectively:

  • Actions can now be applied to multiple Paths, including publishing/unpublishing, deletion, and import/export, making the process of managing content faster and easier.
  • Content management is now possible using the new Family, Brand, Model, and Type attributes, as they are now selectors and can be displayed in columns.
  • New Path States to reflect published status alongside draft status to more effectively communicate the status of a Path. Paths of any draft status can be selected using the "Any Status" selector in the search.
  • Content Export has been relocated to the Manage Content screen, allowing up to 1000 (or simply select all) Paths to be exported simultaneously.

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Designer: Guided Path Shortcut Name and New Indicator Styling: Warning, Note, and Tip

The new Shortcut Name field in the Guided Path Shortcut dialogue allows you to customize the displayed name of a linked Path.

New more attractive and visually striking styling has been put into place for the Warning, Note and Tip indicators, and these indicators can now be activated in the WYSIWYG editor. The styling for these indicators is also able to be customized to better complement custom visual styling.

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