Navigator: New Navigation for Associating a Customer with a Session

Previously, when you were in a Session and needed to add a Customer, you clicked a button to make the Edit Customer pop-up window appear. With this release, we've moved the input fields from that window into the Customer tab on a new panel we've introduced on the right side of the screen. This panel, open to the Customer tab, appears by default when you open a Session.

From this tab, you can click Select to create a new Customer or search for a Customer to associate with the session. You can search based on first name, last name, email address, or phone number. Once a customer account is created or added to the session, you can update details like first name, last name, phone number, etc., in the text box fields. A small check box to confirm the change appears when you update the text. Note: You cannot edit text in fields that were configured to be unique or non-editable.

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Navigator: Comments on a Customer

An important new field on the Customer tab is the Comments field. The comments you add in this field are tied to the Customer, not the Session, so you can record information that will be useful in future sessions with the same Customer. For example, you might be glad to know that, last time, you learned the customer's preferred language or that the customer has hearing loss.

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Navigator: Issue Categories Tab

The next tab in the panel we've added to the right side of the screen is the Issues tab. On this tab, Agents can choose categories from a customizable list to describe the issue that was worked on during this Session. The primary goal of the issue categories is to let you get a sense of what an Agent worked on during the Session, but in the near future you will also be able to export this information for reporting or route sessions based on the category, depending on your implementation.

You customize the available categories by uploading a CSV with the categories that you want Agents to choose among. Go to Admin > Settings > Configurations and find the Session Categorization section. When Agents are in a session, they can choose one or more of the categories from your CSV to describe the session. You can upload an updated CSV at any time and Agents will see the updated list immediately. If you haven't uploaded a CSV, this tab doesn't appear at all.

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Navigator: Session Notes Tab

The last tab on the new panel significantly changes the way that you take and review notes about a Session. Previously, you clicked the Notes button to create a note and then clicked the Activity button to review existing notes. Now, there is a Notes tab in the panel on the right side of the screen. Choosing this tab lets you both see existing notes and add new notes.

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Navigator: Refresh the Session with the Latest Information

Sometimes, multiple Agents work on the same Session, for example, when a Session is escalated to a technical lead. Previously, if one of those Agents updated the Session, there wasn't a way for the other Agent to see those changes. With this release, we're introducing a Refresh button. By clicking this button, an Agent can force the screen to show the latest information added by the other Agent.

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Designer: Character Counts for Path Titles and Descriptions

Search engines may cut off the titles and descriptions of your guided paths for space or just by convention. To help you have an idea of how much of your titles and descriptions will be shown, we've added a character count on the Guided Path Details screen.

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