Select Admin in the Navigation bar and then select Settings>Chat to open the Chat screen.

On this screen, you find three tabs, which the following sections discuss:

  • Shortcut
  • Hours of Operation
  • Advanced Chat Settings

Shortcut Tab

You use the Shortcut tab to set up shortcut words that agents can use during chats. The agent types in a forward slash (/) followed by the shortcut word, and the system replaces that word with the longer phrase that you set up when you created the shortcut. You can learn all about how to create shortcuts in the Chat Shortcuts Walkthrough.

Hours of Operation Tab

You use the Hours of Operation tab to indicate when your chat support is available. For each day of the week, you can choose the start and end time of chat support availability, or you can indicate that chat is available all day or not at all that day. You also choose the time zone for the time ranges you set on this tab.

Advanced Chat Settings Tab

You use the Advanced Chat Settings tab to set two values:

  • Enable Attachment switch: <details coming soon>
  • Enable long chat notification switch: <details coming soon>